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Man Magan
22 April 2018-Sunday

Before 2 decades in Nepali music scene, through pop songs and music, Deepak Bajracharya, a very talented singer rose to fame. Through his music, he has been successful in swaying and entertaining a large number of people, attaining followers of different age groups and ethnicity.

During these two decades, many things have drastically changed. Over this time, technology has influenced every aspect of society, cultures and traditions. The world has been greatly modified with the advancement in technology and the influence of western cultures. This has also brought many changes in the Nepali music scene. Singer Deepak Bajracharya, while acknowledging such changes, has been focused and is insisting on preserving and promoting Nepal’s culture, music, musical instruments and traditions. He firmly believes that these things shouldn’t be lost in time and should be passed down properly to the new generations. This belief of his is clearly reflected in a lot of his songs.

In his songs, he has used a lot of Nepali ethnic instruments to give out distinct Nepali flavors and reflection of Nepal’s culture, tradition and heritages. Last year’s songs – Sani and Allare were some episodes of such fusion and Man Magan is a fresh example of this.

In the words of singer Deepak Bajracharya, “Man Magan is not only a song but a reflection of cultures, traditions and heritages of Nepal.”

Nowadays, people don’t only listen to songs but they also get entertained by watching videos alongside the music. In reality, tunes and music greatly influence dancing and singing among people and it is infused into their traditions and culture throughout many generations. Through the tunes of music, people can not only enjoy and relax but also sway and dance to it. It has always been a part of our culture and traditions.
For many generations, different ethnic and local dances have been performed in festivals and Jatras. These dances give a distinct taste of our culture and traditions. The instruments and dance performed in such festivals & rituals also carries identity and reflection of different cultures and traditions of Nepal.

Taking these things into consideration, Deepak decided to make a commercial song in which these Nepali instrument’s tunes and beat would be integrated. During the composition of the song – Man Magan, Deepak has given full priority to Nepali instruments while carrying his trademark style and distinct flavors, which has so far been successful in entertaining people with his music.
In conclusion, collaborating with Ricky Shakya, Deepak created the tune and melody of the song in which Ricky’s lyrics brought a refreshing & joyful touch.
Keeping the beat of Dhime, a Nepali instrument, as the core of the song, other traditional and ethnic instruments such as Madal and Sarangi were also included in the composition. Deepak and his band – Rhythm band hence shaped the composition into the song “Man Magan”.
The music video was conceptualized side by side with the music with credits belonging to Cherisa Bajracharya. The concept then needed to be transformed into a real form. Director Subratraj Acharya and his team took on this responsibility for this and made a fantastic video with the song and the concept.

Nearly 150 artist including traditional and modern dance groups have performed in a fusion and represented the songs concept. From senior citizens of traditional communities, hip-hop dance, traditional dance of Terai – Chaliya dance, Jhyaure dance from the mountains, Jhakri dance of Tamsaling Limbuwan, Lakhey from Kathmandu valley, Ghintang Kishi from Bhaktapur, Pulu Kishi and Dhuuniya of Indra jatra festival and traditional dance – Dhime nach has been all included in the music video.
In present scenario, the passing and understanding of culture between people & communities is quite necessary. All these things can be found in the music, lyrics and video of the new song Man Magan.

Watch Man Magan Music Video:

Man Magan released on 1st Baisakh, 2074 with the greetings of the New Year.
Vocal By: Deepak Bajracharya
Music By: Deepak Bajracharya & Ricky Shakya
Lyrics By: Ricky Shakya
Arranged By: Rhythm Band
Audio Mixed By: Firoj Bajracharya

**Music Video Credits **
Artists: Prakash / Deepjyoti / Roshani
Camera: Anil Manandhar
Edit: Supreme Parajuli
Direction: Subrat Raj Acharya
Concept: Cherisa Bajracharya

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