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Mausami Gurung: Most Desirable for a Wife!
9 April 2008-Wednesday

-Detective Eye Candy

So, you must have heard, read or seen news and pictures when Mausami Gurung got hit by a brickbat at the Mero Mobile concert tour that happened a few years back. Well, here is a flashback. Several artistes were featured in the Nepal tour concert organized by Mero Mobile. Niranaya and Mausami's duet was going on strong that fine sunny day in Pokhara when a brickbat came flying from the audience, hit Mausami right on her head and she fell half conscious on the stage. For a few moments, no one really knew what had happened. In fact Nirnaya kept performing his part of the song and realized his co-singer's ill-fated episode only after she went silent in her part. This boorish act was highly publicized, criticized by media all over. Today we're reviving the story yet again, because a real interesting story began right from the point where the media put an end. And it goes something like this.

Well, after Mausami got hit, did you ever wonder what might have happened to the culprit who committed the crude act? His intention behind the deed or if the cops ever locked him behind the bars? Here is the real story. In a state of panic, when media was busy taking snaps of Mausami's half-bloody face, the officer in-charge that day, mind you also a Gurung, with the help of his policemen tracked the offender down. The unidentified culprit had a catapult in his hand and later confessed on his real target being Nirnaya, Mausami was a misfire according to him. However, the real news is not about the criminal but rather the justice provider the Gurung officer himself. The officer also a die-hard fan of Mausami, reportedly was about to propose the Gurungseni after the concert. The officer's family who had somewhat chosen Mausami to be the best suitor for their son had talks going on for a possible marriage. And when that day, the officer's lady love met with the hideous tragedy, his fury saw no bounds. Hunted down the rockpelter, took him to a near by covered hall…..and you can imagine what might have happened thereafter.  According to some eyewitness or rather earwitness all they heard coming from the covered hall after that was screeching sounds of agony. Phew…poor guy. First, he misses his real target and then becomes a real target of the man whose target was also Mausami. Didn’t get that? We didn’t either. But the real deal is how Mausami was extremely desirable for a wife then especially among the Gurung guys and how she is equally desirable now.  Only she didn’t respond to her suitors then and is doing the same until today. "No wedding bells for me for some years" she says…All we wonder now is if the officer tied his nuptials or if he is still on the wait for his lady love to respond. Only time will tell or maybe if we could hunt down the officer, he could tell too!!!

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